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A drama critic is a man who leaves no turn unstoned.

George Bernerd Shaw



Theatre criticís are a disingenuous bunch. From amateurs giving themselves false stature by slating the latest West End smash to hoity toity broadsheet reviewers whose prose means nothing to the vast majority of their audience. And somewhere in the middle are the regional hacks that give very little away in the criticism stakes.


Enter The Stage Review; never needlessly over critical but happy to beat the bush if it calls for it; instilling not just opinions disguised as fact but also a little humour too; doing away with the 'plot, praise, criticism' structure for whatever takes my fancy on the given day.


About me. Besides treading the boards myself for a number of years, Iíve worked as a jobbing critic for the Brighton Fringe Festival and enjoy a career in media and marketing.


My favourite type of theatre? Something you find yourself thinking about years after you've seen it.


What do I hate? Pretentiousness. Misplaced arrogance. Lack of talent.




Twitter: @stagereview